Target group defined visual marketing with CGI - 3D

Target group defined visual marketing with CGI - 3DTarget group defined visual marketing with CGI - 3D
Reach individual target groups perfectly on different channels with the help of photo-realistic CGI 3D visualizations!

How can target group-driven visualizations play out correctly? We will show you the advantages of photorealistic 3D visualizations on various channels and platforms.

Let's address the elephant in the room right now:

Why does it have to be photorealistic 3D visualizations - aren't photographs just as useful for marketing success on social media?

Our clear answer: NO.

Because photos, in contrast to photorealistic 3D visualizations, are inflexible, outdated and simply out!

Photorealistic 3D renderings offer enormously far-reaching advantages for addressing target groups and are increasingly replacing classic photography.

We explain why this is so:

Knowing and understanding your target audience precisely is the fundamental building block on which your own marketing should be based.

If you are aware of the preferences of individual prospects, the visual content must also be adapted to them.

This is where photography can reach its limits, because valuable time passes before target group-oriented visual content is available.

If you have the visual content created using CGI / 3D, you solve this problem reliably.

Photorealistic CGI 3D visualizations for your furniture, home or living brand can be changed practically within minutes! This way you can meet every target group within the shortest time and play out the most diverse content on the most diverse channels.

Whereas TikTok and Instagram are more popular with younger people who prefer fresher styles, Facebook is more likely to attract older people, who in turn need to be addressed in a completely different way.

If you can get your visual content adapted and played out quickly, you're practically on the fast track in terms of online marketing.

Advantages of CGI - 3D product visualizations:

1. photo shoots are no longer necessary

2. the products do not need to be assembled and disassembled.

3. this saves not only time, but also money and nerves!

And when we talk about adaptation, we are not limiting ourselves to just changing a color, we are talking about the possibility of simply changing everything.

Proportions, play of light and shadow, drapery of all textiles, positions and many other details.

Here, a lot of individual visual content is simply created in a very short time.


Another advantage that photorealistic CGI 3D renderings bring in terms of targeted playout of visual content:

If a target group is addressed in a focused manner, not only is the viewer's interest in buying increased, but also the desire to share the viewed content with other users is intensified.

This way, the individualized content spreads on every platform and leads to measurable improvements in traffic and conversion rates.

And with the help of CGI 3D technology, even 3D animations/moving images are possible.

Short video platforms like TikTok are becoming increasingly popular. Playing out your individualized CGI - 3D video content here will take your marketing to the next level.

Flexible, adaptive, reliable, fast and futuristic - photorealistic 3D visualizations are perfect for providing different target groups with individual visual content.

In short: CGI / 3D is THE universal tool for individual goals.

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