Creation of digital twins

Create 3D models

Why we create
3D models

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+ Expert team: Precise 3D modelling of your products by our specialized team with 3D software.
+ Professional advice: Individual advice for optimal 3D models, tailored to your requirements.
+ Professional UV mapping: Detailed and realistic texturing for lifelike 3D representations.
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Time & cost savings

+ Cost-efficient marketing: Reduce marketing costs with our photorealistic 3D models.
+ No physical product required: Savings by dispensing with physical prototypes.
+ Fast realization: efficient creation of 3D models from existing photos or drawings.

Flexible use

+ Areas of application: Ideal for 3D configurators, visualizations, animations and AR.
+ 3D formats: Versatile model creation in various formats such as .obj, .fbx, .3ds.
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