Product marketing with CGI

3D Studio for material / surface 3D visualization

What makes our 3D surface visualization so unique?


+ Specialist expertise: Our team, specialized in 3D visualization of materials, creates detailed representations of surfaces and textiles.
+ Detailed representation: We guarantee precise and photorealistic material representation in 3D that authentically reproduces every texture.
+ In-depth understanding of the industry: Our know-how in digital material simulation is essential for effective CGI marketing.
+ Authentic visualizations: With high-resolution surface visualizations, we bring materials to life in a deceptively real way.
Time saving icon

Time & cost savings

+ Cost reduction: Significant savings in visual marketing through efficient 3D rendering of surfaces.
+ No studio effort: Save studio and transport costs - we digitally transform material samples into high-quality visualizations.
+ Faster marketing: Accelerate your marketing with realistic and detailed 3D renderings.
+ Efficient product presentation: Start marketing immediately with innovative surface rendering techniques.

Brand communication &
Increase conversion

+ Brand-accurate visualization: Perfect coordination of your 3D images with the corporate identity/design.
+ High-quality presentations: Creation of unimpaired, high-quality 3D visualizations.
+ Aesthetic product presentations: Appealing, brand-specific CGI images through professional 3D material visualization.
+ Increase sales by addressing target groups: boost your sales figures with targeted visualizations tailored to your customers.
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