Strengthen Brand Awareness with CGI / 3D Visualization (How to)

Strengthen Brand Awareness with CGI / 3D Visualization (How to)Strengthen Brand Awareness with CGI / 3D Visualization (How to)

In this article we want to show you how 3D visualizations or even augmented reality and 3D video formats can increase your brand awareness.

What is brand awareness?

Brand awareness is the technical term for how well known your brand is. The term comes from market research and represents awareness as a percentage value. Important: Brand awareness is an important factor not only in the B2C segment, but also in B2B. The better known your brand is, the more sustainably you have positioned yourself in the market. CGI and 3D visualizations can strengthen the awareness of your brand in the visual appearance / marketing. Thus, you can stand out from your competition and create a unique selling proposition.

People often make buying decisions emotionally, impulsively and quickly. Then it's important that your brand is the one that first comes to their mind. Your target group must therefore develop a very special awareness of your brand, must accept it and have confidence in it. How do you achieve that?

Scattering stimuli: Brand awareness is practice, practice, practice

Do you remember how it was in school? Important rules and formulas were discussed over and over again. Copying, copying again, maybe as homework something like "write vocabulary three times every day" - the drudgery had a reason. Research has found that people quickly remember and recall for a lifetime things that they use over and over, that they encounter repeatedly. That's the key to brand awareness.

With CGI and 3D visualizations you set a visual stimulus. Your target group should encounter this stimulus again and again. The more often this happens, the more positively the brand is evaluated. After a few repetitions, it is no longer important whether your target persons see the entire visual stimulus (i.e. the complete visualization) or only a part of it, a logo or another explicit feature: The memory kicks in, the brand is immediately in the mind. The good thing about CGI / 3D visualizations is that you can specifically target your audience with little effort. How this works, you can contact us and we will help you to achieve more conversion with CGI / 3D visualizations.

Increase brand awareness through various measures

Online, SEA and SEO are good ways to have a positive impact on brand awareness. But these rather dry, technical options aren't everything. Paid social ads also have an effect. Brand names spread across social networks, and a close link to content is extremely beneficial. Content? What should it look like?

People love stories. Especially so-called success stories, application examples and the like always unfold enormous potential! And content is of course not just the written word. This is where CGI and 3D visualizations come into play, which can boost your visual marketing.

CGI / 3D visualizations:


3D visualizations say more than "1,000 words

Humans are visual creatures. We rely on none of our senses as much as on our eyes. Written content is already very good - after all, texts are the visualized form of spoken language and thus have an effect on two senses at once. Images are even better. Because images work on a subtle level that we can't reach with language. That's why expressive CGI, informative 3D graphics and impressive 3D visualizations or even 3D videos / animations are absolutely essential.

Even very complex issues can be easily understood via 3D visualization. The informative value is very high. In this context, one also speaks of "added value" that the content has for the target group. Added value means that people are not simply presented with a brand, but have the feeling of better understanding an important context. Everything that extends beyond the actual brand into the private sphere and one's own life experience is added value.

CGI and 3D visualizations are image content. No matter if they are "simple" images or moving images (interactive CGI, short films): You increase brand awareness enormously with good images.

Show Case - 3D Product Animation / Designer Table Lamp: 

What exactly can CGI and 3D visualizations do to your brand?

CGI and 3D visualizations can do a lot. Of course, we don't just use our computer-generated images to explain complex issues in a simple way. But there is much more possible - after all, even the funny movies of Pixar are nothing else than three-dimensional, computer-generated images that have learned to walk! Our visualizations can do all that:

- You skilfully stage your products with 3D visualizations and allow your customers to view and experience the products from all sides before they buy them.
- You put your products into a larger context with computer generated images. Allow your customers to see themselves with the product or experience it in their own living environment - before they buy!
- Adapt your visualizations to very specific target groups. This is much less effort via computer technology than via classic on-site photography! You simply place your products in the setting that works best - regardless of whether you actually have such a setting available. Create fantasy spaces!
- You arouse emotions in your customers with three-dimensional, computer-generated product films. The limits of what is physically possible do not matter with computer-generated images!

If you have any further questions about brand awareness with CGI / 3D visualizations for your visual marketing, please feel free to contact us and arrange an initial meeting:

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