3D Studio for visual marketing

Digitize surfaces for 3D visualization - Animation

Show the advantages of surfaces in 3D

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Time & cost savings

+ Cost-efficient visual marketing: Reduce your marketing costs with 3D surface scanning and digital texture creation, an efficient alternative to expensive studio shoots.
+ No physical effort of the products: Save on transportation and presentation costs by 3D scanning materials - we digitize your samples precisely and quickly.
+ Faster time to market: accelerate the marketing process of your surfaces with timely and photorealistic surface scans.
+ Realistic CGI renderings: Impress your customers with high-resolution 3D visualizations of your surfaces, perfectly staged on furniture and in interiors.

Increase conversion & brand building

+ Higher conversion rates: Increase your online sales figures through target group-oriented marketing with high-quality 3D surface renderings.
+ Brand-compliant visualization: Our 3D texturing service adapts renderings perfectly to your corporate identity/design (CI/CD).
+ Optimization of visual language: Targeted adaptation to the visual language of your company through surface digitization for VR and 3D scans for design projects to get the most out of your visual marketing.
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