What is a digital twin (definition & examples)?

What is a digital twin (definition & examples)?What is a digital twin (definition & examples)?

The phrase "digital twin" is appearing more and more frequently in connection with 3D models depicting objects from the furniture industry. This expresses the fact that the virtually created CGI furniture visualizations look confusingly similar to their models.

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Short definition: What is a digital twin for the furniture, home & living industry?

A digital twin is a computer-generated copy or virtual one-to-one replica of a material object. To create such a twin on the computer, the original does not necessarily have to be physically present. A digital twin can also be based on designs and/or technical drawings.

Photorealistic digital 3D replicas of upholstered furniture or living wall systems, for example, depict an enormously high level of detail. Digital twins offer increased flexibility and dynamics compared to photographs or physically manufactured products. Thus, computer-generated photorealistic CGI (3D) visualizations are becoming increasingly popular.

A 3D model generated by CGI finds its place not only in static product photography, but is also used to offer 360-degree previews. Within the application of augmented reality (AR), three-dimensional digital twins can be placed, moved and even scaled in a real environment.
Here, everything happens in virtual space without the need to manufacture the individual item in the real world. In this way, furniture manufacturers can save resources, time and costs, as no display items have to be made available for a shoot.

Photorealistic doubles also support the planning and development phases of projects, as they can be used to illustrate and test things that are not yet tangible.
Digital copies of real objects also have the advantage that they can always be adapted to changes in the original physical object. If, for example, a color or other texture changes after a product is finished, this can be adapted immediately in the digital copy. This ensures that the twins always remain twins and not just very similar copies.

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