Interview with md magazine (furniture, interior) about CGI - 3D in the furniture industry

Interview with md magazine (furniture, interior) about CGI - 3D in the furniture industryInterview with md magazine (furniture, interior) about CGI - 3D in the furniture industry

Getting to know products, projects and personalities that shape the furniture industry - that's what MD Magazine is all about.
In an exciting conversation with the md editorial team, the founder of Danthree, Daniel Schuster, was asked numerous questions about CGI (3D), augmented reality and future plans. This resulted in a portrait of Danthree, which comprehensively represents the work and passion.

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That's what's in CGI - photorealistic 3D visualizations for the furniture industry

There is no doubt that a lot of dedication and also work goes into Danthree's photorealistic 3D visualizations for the furniture, home & living industry. However, depending on the project, there may be more or less detailed work involved, of course. The effort behind a fully rendered 3D model (or digital twin) is less for simple and smooth pieces of furniture, such as a sideboard, than for a piece of furniture made of fabric. With a leather sofa, for example, details such as the seams, surface structures and folds have to be rendered down to the smallest detail. The end result is an image that even a CGI professional cannot clearly identify as a photorealistic rendering.

Danthree has an enormously high quality standard and sees 3D models as more than just a technical gimmick.
Photorealistic CGI (3D) visualizations are intended to enrichthe furniture & furnishings industry with innovative, newly generated content and thus provide cost and time savings for manufacturers.

The renunciation of expensive photographers, shootings, furniture construction and the associated inflexibility are only a few advantages to be mentioned in this context.


The team behind Danthree Studio

The working collective is composed of interior designers, master carpenters and professional 3D digital artists, who bring the 3D visualizations to life on the computer. In collaboration with other freelancers and, of course, the clients, Danthree ensures impeccable visual content that powerfully polishes the marketing for furniture, home & living manufacturers.

However, the CGI - 3D content is not only the images of the furniture itself, but also the associated environment (milieus - interiors). The use of light and shadow and a specific style, which is agreed upon in cooperation with the individual customer, are important for the overall picture. Here, no people are depicted, but memorable scenes are created, in which also the size relations of the pieces of furniture are photorealistically represented.

A look into the future on the subject of CGI & furniture

In the long run, Danthree Studio aims for nothing less than the perfection of CGI (3D) visualizations coupled with aesthetic style. While the need for haptics cannot be entirely demonized, photorealistic CGI (3D) visualizations are set to conquer the furniture industry.
Augmented reality also offers real opportunities. A 3D model is the basis for augmented reality and can already facilitate purchasing decisions and lead to significantly more conversions. Example Augmented Reality.

Danthree has recognized this potential and will continue to work on transporting modern visual content creation into the consciousness of furniture manufacturers. Companies like Interlübke, RUF | Betten or even Wittmann are already working with Danthree.

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