Furniture magazine dds reports about Danthree Studio

Furniture magazine dds reports about Danthree StudioFurniture magazine dds reports about Danthree Studio

The trade magazine dds reports on Danthree, an agency that aims to visually support the furniture industry using photorealistic 3D technology. The magazine dds stands for design and technology and reports about the people who open up new ways for home & living industries.

Danthree CGI (3D) Studio - background and market positioning

The article, which appeared in print and online, is aimed at carpenters, joiners, window and interior designers and gives an impression of the work at Danthree. It explains how the CGI (3D) agency came into being, what founder Daniel Schuster is made of, and how photorealistic renderings are created by a professional team. The advantages for the furniture industry resulting from CGI technology are also underlined.

As an agency for the creation of 3D content as well as augmented reality (AR), Danthree positions itself as a valuable service provider within the furniture and interior industry and convinces with photo-realistic 3D visualizations, experienced employees and an uncomplicated cooperation.

Added value, variety and flexibility of photorealistic renderings

The benefits of photorealistic CGI (3D) renderings are remarkably extensive, also notes the trade magazine dds.

For Danthree's customers, time-consuming and cost-intensive photo shoots, locations that have to be organized and the hiring of classic photographers are no longer necessary. Article presentation also involves less effort and offers flexible product management.

Extensive projects can be realized within a very short time and constantly readjusted.

The products are infused with attention to detail, well-organized management and experience in CGI (3D).


In short

Photorealistic 3D visualizations created using CGI (3D) technology are becoming increasingly important within the furniture, home & living sector. Classic photography and furniture construction are increasingly being replaced by 3D models, paving the way for improved sales management and rapid expansion of the company's own product range. Customer satisfaction also increases, leading to a higher conversion rate.

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