What is a 3D Mesh Model? (Definition & Examples)

What is a 3D Mesh Model? (Definition & Examples)What is a 3D Mesh Model? (Definition & Examples)

In our work as a CGI (3D) agency for the furniture, home & living industry, the 3D models are the basic building block for any photorealistic CGI visualization. Each piece of furniture and furnishing is created separately on the computer. The images created by a CGI artist are based on technical drawings or existing product images.

A "3D mesh" describes the structural design of a 3D model. Reference points are used on the X and Y axes to provide shapes with information such as height, depth and width.

How does a 3D mesh model look photorealistic later in CGI (3D) visualization?

To make a 3D model look photorealistic, you need a high number of so-called polygons. A polygon is a flat geometric figure formed by a closed union of connecting lines (also called a line segment). In contrast to other techniques, these simple shapes allow for very fast creation.
The special hardware is usually optimized for the calculation of triangle meshes. Thus, polygons consist mostly of triangles or quadrilaterals, so that 3D graphics cards benefit from the hardware acceleration.
These simple shapes can additionally be decomposed into further lines and vertices of the X, Y and Z coordinates.

Traditionally, most 3D meshes are created by trained CGI artists using specific software packages.

When creating 3D models that are intended for animation, a very delicate and thorough design is required. The polygons must be placed with great care for always continuous edge loops around zones that will be moved during an animation. If work is done inaccurately here, unsightly deformations can occur. The placement of the polygons and the perfect edge loop are therefore at the center of the work on an animatable 3D model.

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What is a 3D mesh model? Summary:

A 3D mesh describes a collection of edges, vertices and faces that represent a three-dimensional object within computer graphics or solid modeling. Here, a polygon mesh defines the shape and contour of each 3D object.

Especially in the furniture industry, professional production of these photorealistic 3D models is crucial for the success of CGI (3D) marketing. Only high-quality 3D models can perfectly represent every detail and surface property and convince the potential customer of the product.

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