Make your online store a source of inspiration with Shop the look images (furniture & home)

Make your online store a source of inspiration with Shop the look images (furniture & home)Make your online store a source of inspiration with Shop the look images (furniture & home)

Store the Look: Your online store as a source of inspiration (furniture, home, living)

In this article you will learn what store the look images are and how this marketing trick can increase your furniture, home or living brand and your conversion rate. You will also learn why CGI / 3D visualization plays an important role and what you should pay attention to when using CGI!


Store the Look - in terms of fashion, this has been quite normal for some years now. But also in the furniture, living and home segment, the special form of presenting products in their natural context offers advantages. A 3D visualization in the form of a store the look image, present your products in exactly the right setting and thus increase sales!

But one thing at a time: What is "Shop the Look" anyway and how does CGI / 3D visualization play into it?

Image sources: Zalando

People love pictures!

Store the Look is a concept that actually comes from the field of fashion. We don't really know who started it. But customers were actually able to put together a complete outfit at Zalando as early as 2015. The garments were no longer presented individually in the store, but Zalando dressed a model completely and thus made it possible to see the individual pieces in context and also to buy them that way. Other fashion providers do the same. In any case, the idea was no longer new in 2015; catalog mail order companies such as Quelle, Otto and Neckermann have always done this.

What may be special is how Shop the Look is handled online. If you like the whole picture, the breakdown into individual pieces is just a click away. With another click, you'll be shown alternatives for any individual pieces and, if necessary, you can look at the model again in the newly assembled look. Many online stores even work with a "buy it all" button.

The concept works because people like to be presented with ready-made solutions. The single blouse, the pair of shoes - who can imagine that together with their own wardrobe? And above all, who wants to go to the trouble of putting together outfits for a particular occasion from individual pieces from different brands and in different stores? It's easier - with Shop the Look. And of course, it also works in the area of interior design.

Store the look images arrived in the segment, furniture and living

Clothing is only the beginning. Of course, you can organize your entire life according to this principle. After all, if you're looking for a new sofa, you're actually dissatisfied with the entire living room décor or want to completely reinvent yourself right away. So why not revamp the entire room? Or even other areas of the home? In this case, Shop the Look means giving your customers ideas on how to make their personal environment more aesthetic, relaxing, harmonious and modern. 3D visualizations show the individual pieces of furniture in context. Upholstered landscapes enter into a dialogue with the home cinema system. Reading armchairs and lamps correspond with the walls of books they take into their center.

Image sources: mömax

E-commerce is primarily visual

Pinterest and Instagram are extremely image-heavy. And they are firmly established in everyday life. Your customers don't just use social media to maintain contacts - they want to interact. They enter into dialog with you and your company, get information and, above all, ideas here. Did you know that many users spend hours scrolling through feeds simply because they are looking for a home idea? Today, companies no longer produce and sell furniture, but they sell solutions to problems and life plans.

The more your customers see, the greater their desire to buy the products shown. Surveys have confirmed this: 89 percent of people who use Pinterest are inspired to buy the products shown there. So it's clear: image-heavy media are a real argument when it comes to increasing sales. This is especially true in the area of interior design, where aesthetic aspects play an important role.

Merging social media and e-commerce

Beautiful pictures on social media are one thing. Sales figures are something else. Or is it? Catchword social commerce: The social media presence merges with the online store. Direct your customers from Pinterest or Instagram or other channels directly to the online store - Shop the Look is the keyword. CGI allows you to offer your customers inspiration and a simplified shopping experience.

3D visualizations are always interesting when the marketing strategy focuses more on images and visual stimuli. And this is definitely the case with Shop the Look. CGI allow you to show very different interiors without the need for a real showroom. You show rooms that are created purely on the computer - and thus provide your customers with even more input.

Pictures tell stories, arouse emotions

Photo stories have existed as long as the medium of photography has. But with CGI, we take it to another level: We tell stories that no longer need a real basis. Apart from the products you want to sell through the visualizations, of course.

Awaken emotions in your customers! Let them dive into new spaces and show them how they can transform their lives, their everyday life! With 3D visualizations you address your customers on a very intimate level. Because 3D means that they can immerse themselves in the spaces you create. You offer a form of inspiration that can be felt and experienced - and that goes far beyond what a simple photo story can do.

Role model Ikea?

Everyone knows the cleverly built furniture stores of the Swedish brand. Anyone who walks through these spaces doesn't just see furniture, but sees completely built-up rooms. The interiors are placed in a thematic context, cross-links are created via individual pieces that appear again and again in different rooms in new combinations. And the clientele moves through these installations. This can be seen as a kind of dream world that the furniture store creates and transports the customers into. The goal: to awaken desires.

This is exactly the mechanism behind Shop the Look.

Take your store the look images to a new level with CGI / 3D visualization

Especially with CGI technology, store the look images can be created more cost-effectively and also more efficiently. No more setting up the products in the studio or hiring a crew for the shoot. With 3D visualization, you can also change your products in the Shop the Look image quickly and easily afterwards. This makes sense especially for seasonal visual marketing for your furniture, home or living brand. Important however with CGI / 3D visualization is, CGI is only one technique! The decisive factor is how the products are staged and emotionalized. Only in this way your images or 3D visualizations generate conversion and you sell your products.

As a CGI / 3D studio for the furniture, home & living industry, we pay close attention to these important parameters and our interior designers & creative directors create high-quality and emotional atmospheres in the process.

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