Interview with Möbelfertigung magazine about CGI (3D) in the furniture industry

Interview with Möbelfertigung magazine about CGI (3D) in the furniture industryInterview with Möbelfertigung magazine about CGI (3D) in the furniture industry

In its January 2022 issue, the magazine of furniture manufacturing conducts a penetrating and exciting interview with the founder and owner of Danthree, Daniel Schuster. Among other things, it is about the current significance of CGI (3D) technology and the associated future prospects for visual marketing within the furniture industry.

Because Möbelfertigung magazine always covers cutting-edge and innovative trends in furniture technology, design and the craftsmanship behind them, it is considered one of the most important magazines for interior designers and furniture manufacturers from all over Europe. The articles are characterized by reliable facts and holistic overviews of competitors within the furniture industry.

Click here for the full article on CGI (3D) in the furniture industry.

About specialization in the furniture industry

In this interview, Daniel Schuster explains how the use of computer-generated 3D images (CGI) will further change marketing in the furniture industry.
Danthree Studio 's specialization in the furniture and interior design industry is no coincidence. During the conversation, it becomes clear that Danthree approaches this forward-looking topic with an enormous amount of experience and knowledge about furniture design and the rendering technologies.

Thanks to the craftsman background of the founder and the team of CGI artists behind him, Danthree works with well-known furniture companies such as interlübke, RUF | Betten, Wittmann and others.

Step by step towards innovation

What is also quite clearly underlined: Moving from product photography to CGI (3D) models is neither complicated nor costly - on the contrary.
During a collaboration, Danthree does its utmost to realize the targeted design projects in an accessible way, without fear of the new and confusion.

If you want to learn more about the steps of CGI (3D) visualization, have a look here: 

With in-depth consultation at eye level and a focus on the customized goal of the project, valuable multidisciplinary collaborations with furniture, home & living manufacturers are created, massively networking the industry. To date, numerous furniture manufacturers, architects and designers have been able to noticeably improve both their digital and physical marketing through photorealistic CGI (3D) visualizations. This clearly testifies to the importance of a 3D model in the furniture industry.

Redesigning the furniture industry through photorealistic CGI (3D) visualizations

High-resolution three-dimensional graphics that can depict virtually any detail, no matter how minute, and thus make the product presentation of furniture more multifaceted than ever, are a real booster for visual marketing.
But the possibilities here shoot far beyond a mere product illustration. For example, a 3D model also lends itself to the application of futuristic augmented reality (AR), which turns shopping into an entertaining adventure.
Danthree sees great potential in this area of application alone, which could well become more than just a short-term trend in the future.


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