3D product animation - table lamp

3D product animation - table lamp3D product animation - table lamp

A product video must captivate the viewer in the shortest possible time and explain the individual features of the product quickly and simply. This is also the case in this 3D animation in which we have visualized a designer floor lamp in 3D and presented it in motion pictures.

Today, visual marketing is a hurried affair: The attention of end consumers must be captured in fractions of a second. As a rule, they only watch product videos for a few seconds. How do you manage to present all the advantages of a product in such a short time, communicate the functionality and benefits of the product, and at the same time present brand identity in such a way that the clientele feels addressed?

Creative directors, master carpenters, interior design experts and CGI artists work closely together in our team. They contribute their professional experience and their knowledge and skills - this is how a 3D product animation is created that appeals to customers aesthetically (keyword B2C) and helps our direct customers (keyword B2B) to establish their brand identity. For this 3D product animation, we photorealistically modeled the 3D model as a digital twin, digitized textures and created a storyboard for the 3D product animation.

Formats for social media, TV, web

Where do customers come into contact with product videos today? There are of course still the classic channels, TV advertising is still broadcast. Here, short videos are advantageous, because TV advertising is paid by the second of airtime.

However, many people no longer get their information from TV, but from social media and the web. The attention span here is particularly short; a few seconds must be comprehensively convincing or at least hold the attention. Only in the next step is it a matter of more in-depth information, which may be provided on landing pages.

Realization: 3D / CGI meets minimalism

For this 3D product animation, we put a lot of emphasis on urban, contemporary sustainability and minimalism. So the lamp has to be presented exactly in this context. For our product video, this means: The lamp is simply designed, has few functions. The interiors that the client wants to design with its products are also simple to minimalist. Natural materials dominate. The end customer comes from an educated environment, the living spaces are styled through, but furnished with a lot of free space and little furniture. "Only what is really necessary, but that as sustainable and aesthetic as possible." - that's how you could break down the brand identity to a short sentence.

Our experts rendered the table lamp photorealistically and placed it in a living environment that was also rendered photorealistically. Every single component of the lamp is visible in all color variants separately as well as the whole product. The functions of the lamp and its special features (wireless, rechargeable battery via USB, dimmable) are presented visually as well as via sound effects.

The project in a nutshell

The task

The 3D product animation was created specifically to create an emotional brand space for the table lamp and showcase the product in its various colors and functions. Special attention was paid to the details of the product, which were presented quickly and effectively with the help of the 3D animation.

The wherefore

The 3D product animation can be broadcast in different formats such as social media or as TV to reflect the furniture, home & living brand. In doing so, we incorporated the corporate design and corporate identity into the brand spaces / 3D visualizations to create a consistent brand language.

The advantages

Danthree Studios' visual marketing solutions with photorealistic 3D animation are perfect for brands and online stores that want to show and emotionalize their product in all colors and shapes. Because CGI (3D) offers many advantages: reduced costs and time, full flexibility even after completion, replaces outdated and undynamic product photography, can reliably depict details and all variations of a product - without much waiting time. So you can integrate your product into your visual marketing faster.

And you?

Unique visual marketing with 3D product animations are our strengths. As a specialized CGI (3D) studio for the furniture and interior design industry, we provide you with top quality 3D product videos to showcase your product in a way that you are completely convinced of. Our team of experienced master carpenters, interior designers and CGI artists and creative directors have years of experience in refining visual marketing concepts within the furniture, home & living industry. In addition, we are open to other industries and know no boundaries

3D product animation - table lamp
3D product animation - table lamp


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