CGI (3D) visualization accessories & outdoor furniture online store

CGI (3D) visualization accessories & outdoor furniture online storeCGI (3D) visualization accessories & outdoor furniture online store

Presentation CGI (3D) Visualization Accesoires & Outdoor Furniture

Our mission: to show outdoor furniture in its context via CGI / 3D visualization and to make it tangible for customers, taking into account the brand identity of our business client and sharply highlighting details of the furniture.

Our weapons: Creativity & CGI.

Our heroes and heroines in the executive: creative directors, master carpenters, interior designers and designers, CGHI artists and artists.

Our client: A manufacturer of outdoor furniture that comes from the upscale segment. The client's focus is on communicating the brand identity.

The goal of our mission: to provide end customers with a comprehensive shop-the-look experience.

Outdoor furniture brand rooms with photorealistic 3D visualization

For modern online stores, our photorealistic visualizations are the perfect solution. This is because the three-dimensional rendering of the individual products, the compilation of the finished furniture modeled down to the texture of the surfaces in a pictorial context, allows the products to be displayed in all color and shape variations. The resulting images tell stories, invite discovery and exploration, and transport the viewer into the respective environment. Shop-the-Look increases the conversion rate. But that is only the case if the images are well made.

At Danthree we work with CGI to keep the cost of creating such images in check. Our B2B clients and customers have full cost control from the very beginning. And what's almost better: the images are never "finished". They retain their flexibility and changeability beyond the completion, handover to our customers. If customers want to change the pictures later, for example to use rooms once created for other furniture or to exchange individual accessories in the Shop-the-Look picture series, this is possible without much effort. This shows the enormous advantages of our type of 3D visualization over product photography, which is much less dynamic.

Perspectives that point far beyond the product

Shop-the-Look in the form of visuals is the current trend in online stores. But what comes after that? CGI offers possibilities that go far beyond that. In the future, it will be possible for customers not only to look at the images, but also to place themselves in these contexts or to bring the products to their homes via augmented reality (AR for short). This already works with our three-dimensional representations. The visualizations are rich in detail and reliably depict all variations of the products.

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The project in a nutshell

The task

The photorealistic CGI (3D) outdoor visualizations are designed to depict emotionally charged outdoor garden furniture pieces and accessories in their extensive beauty and excellence. Special emphasis was placed on a balanced play of light and shadow, which creates a harmonious and inviting outdoor atmosphere. In addition, the products were targeted from different perspectives in order to bring every detail of the individual products sharply into focus later in the online store.

The wherefore

The outdoor CGI (3D) product visualizations are to be integrated into the online store and reflect the brand language. The products are to be shown in detail and a shop-the-look visualization with different products is to be displayed, so that customers can later see the different products of the store on one image and determine the combination of the individual items in the store. In this way, the manufacturer can market or sell several products at the same time.

The advantages

Danthree Studios Photorealistic CGI (3D) visualizations are the perfect solution for modern online stores that want to show their product in all colors and shapes and emotionalize it to increase their conversion rate. This is because CGI (3D) offers many advantages: reduced costs and time, full flexibility even after completion, replaces outdated and undynamic product photography, enables use within augmented reality (AR), can reliably depict details and all variations of a product, and is created entirely on the computer - without much waiting time. So you can get your product into your online store quickly and sell it more expeditiously.

And you?

Fast, efficient and flexible product visualizations for your online store - that's our strength. As a specialized CGI (3D) studio for the furniture and interior design industry, we offer you CGI (3D) visualizations of the highest quality. Our team of experienced master carpenters, interior designers and CGI artists has many years of experience in refining visual marketing concepts within the furniture industry. In addition, we are open to other industries and know no boundaries.

CGI (3D) visualization accessories & outdoor furniture online store
CGI (3D) visualization accessories & outdoor furniture online store


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