Brand space 3D product images (CGI) - bathroom manufacturer

Brand space 3D product images (CGI) - bathroom manufacturerBrand space 3D product images (CGI) - bathroom manufacturer

Brand spaces must captivate the viewer and convince him of the product

Product images must be immediately convincing: the functions and features of the products must be immediately apparent to the viewer. Good images do this on a subliminal level; the focus is on aesthetics. This is also the case with our 3D product images (CGI) in the bathroom sector.

In this project we worked closely with the designer Hanne Willmann. The aim of the joint work was to make the atmosphere of the bathroom design, the functionality and the purpose of the facilities clear to the end user at first glance, literally in a fraction of a second. In recent years, bathrooms have increasingly evolved from functional rooms for body cleansing to lounges with a feel-good atmosphere and spa character. Design is much more in focus than it was a decade or two ago. And that's exactly what product images have to communicate.

How do you convey the brand image in the bathroom segment in a way that is appropriate for the target customer, without ignoring the inherent logic of these rooms with their technology, functions, and functional materials? For our 3D visualizations, we took a close look at the brand's faucets, sinks and bathtubs, furniture and extras. Before our artists got to work on the CGI, our team of creative directors, master carpenters, and interior design experts came together to look at everything. Only then were our CGI artists allowed to begin their work. In this way, the 3D product images could be created, capturing and accurately reflecting the brand's image, while at the same time taking into account the aesthetic demands of the clientele and explaining the furnishings as accurately as possible. For domovari's product images, our artists photorealistically modeled entire interiors as digital 3D models. Textures and surfaces were digitized.

Target groups defined 3D brand spaces

The bathroom manufacturer domovari appeals to an urban target group that values sustainability and minimalism. There is nothing here that does not have to be. Clear lines, lots of natural light and natural, untreated materials dominate. The color palette is correspondingly limited. The bathroom products must be presented in precisely this context.

For our product images, this means: less is more. The sparse, naturally elegant atmosphere of the rooms must be credibly designed. The surfaces must not only be visually coherent, but must be depicted in a way that can be experienced haptically. The warmth of the frequently used wood must be just as palpable as the rough coolness of the concrete that is often used, especially in the bathroom. Little furniture, but a lot of free space that emphasizes the few existing surfaces - that is the aesthetic that is required here.

Mirror cabinet, vanity & bathtub - our experts have photorealistically rendered each of domovari's bathroom products and placed them in a matching, also photorealistically designed environment / 3D brand space. The lighting of each 3D visualization is designed to present the materials and their textures in the most comprehensible way possible. The domovari brand aesthetic is conveyed in each individual CGI: Light-flooded bathrooms that are not too warmly lit show plenty of free space with a functional, minimalist interior.

The project in a nutshell

The task

Product images should be designed as 3D visualization in such a way that the image of the brand and the special aesthetics of the facilities in the bathroom area become clear. At the same time, it should become clear that the individual furnishings are configured individually according to customer requirements. In the case of the bathtub, for example, the entire base is individually designed to match the conditions at the customer's site. Surfaces, textures, colors - everything can be customized. This special feature, together with the few, very sparse details of the products, had to be clearly presented. Since all senses are sharpened in this reduced, minimalist atmosphere, the products have to be experienced comprehensively. From the product images, the acoustics of the depicted rooms become just as clear as the temperature of the individual objects, the feel of the materials.

The wherefore

The CGI renderings can be used as product images in classic print media as well as for social media or on the web. Corporate design and corporate identity are incorporated into every single 3D visualization. In this way, we have succeeded in creating a uniform brand language that customers can identify with.

The advantages

At Danthree Studio, we stand for photo-realistic 3D product images / CGI that don't simply present products. Our artists specialize in creating very special atmospheres and conveying brand identities. Product images, videos and animations are perfectly suited for use in conventional as well as new media, in print and TV, but also for social media and web. Products can be presented in all imaginable colors and shapes and be emotionally charged. The usual hurdles of product photography do not exist: The effort in terms of costs and time is kept within limits compared to classical photography. Our customers enjoy full flexibility even after completion. Outdated and less dynamic product images (product photography) can be easily replaced. Details can be revised at any time in the CGI images, the products can be displayed in all variations without additional effort.

And you?

Our strength lies in CGI and the creation of unique brand spaces of brands. Products, brand spaces, brand image and entire interiors are created digitally by our artists. We see ourselves as a CGI (3D) studio especially for the furniture and interior design industry. Static images of products and spaces are only a part of what we do.

Brand space 3D product images (CGI) - bathroom manufacturer
Brand space 3D product images (CGI) - bathroom manufacturer


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