What is a clipping / pack shot CGI -3D visualization? (definition & examples)

What is a clipping / pack shot CGI -3D visualization? (definition & examples)What is a clipping / pack shot CGI -3D visualization? (definition & examples)

When creating photorealistic 3D models for the furniture, home &living industry, CGI artists always have in mind that they need to be very flexible.

So if a photorealistic CGI (3D) visualization of a piece of furniture or furnishings is to find its place in an emotionalized scene (milieu / interior), for example, it is necessary for the model to be free of distracting background elements and to integrate seamlessly. This is because only a flawless and coherent overall image will allow the viewer to establish a relationship with the product and the brand.
For this reason, the CGI artist usually already creates the 3D model on a transparent layer so that the object stands completely free. However, if this is not the case, the technique of cropping is used.

What is a clipping artist? - A short definition

In computer graphics, we speak of a clipping when a subject(photorealistic CGI (3D) visualization - 3D model) is freed from a background. Mostly the object then finds its place on a transparent surface. The tool within the image editing software that makes this possible is often called "clipping" in technical language.

Clipping Tools - Clipping CGI (3D) Visualizations

Clipping tools are considered the basis for numerous image editing processes. For example, for color corrections, vectorizations or image optimizations.

Within digital image editing, there are a variety of clipping tools, as not every clipping tool makes sense for every subject. Thus, editing times and the quality of the graphic will vary depending on the tool selected.
Professionally trained CGI artists know the full range of tools available, from quick selections to complex masking. Based on this in-depth knowledge, the CGI (3D) artist always selects the most efficient method and reliably applies it to the photorealistic CGI rendering.


Applications for a clipping CGI (3D) rendering

However, 3D models are not always exposed in order to be integrated into multifaceted scenes later on.
Particularly in the case of highly detailed products, such as cabinet or shelving systems, focused close-ups that are free of backgrounds are an effective means of removing any unanswered questions the customer may have about the nature of a piece of furniture. Alternatively, it makes sense to display a 3D model completely detached from a backdrop so that the viewer's eye is not distracted from the essentials.

Clipping tools within image editing software are essential tools in computer graphics and allow 3D models to be separated from backgrounds in order to optimize their dynamics and flexibility.

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