How corporate identity influences CGI visualization (furniture, home, living)

How corporate identity influences CGI visualization (furniture, home, living)How corporate identity influences CGI visualization (furniture, home, living)

To be seen, understood and internalized - these are the central intentions when it comes to building a bond between customers and products from the furniture, home & living industry.

Why emotional appeal is important in CGI visualizations (marketing)!

Furniture manufacturers know: The more intensive the emotional appeal, the more successful the products presented will sell. For this reason, the use of emotionalized photorealistic CGI (3D) content from Danthree Studio is becoming increasingly important in visual marketing.
However, when creating modern & photorealistic 3D model renderings, attention is paid not only to the emphasis on emotions, but further to the representation of corporate identity. Only when photorealistic furniture visualizations represent the sum of all characteristics of a manufacturer, they guarantee a positive long-term effect on the viewer.

What does a corporate identity encompass and why is it so important for furniture manufacturers?

A corporate identity, CI for short (German for 'company', 'firm' and 'identity'), describes all visibly lived values of a company and is understood as an unmistakable and individual company concept.
This concept is based on the in-house design of the communication and not least on the history of the company.
The outward self-image, which is created by a concrete strategy of trade and visual appearance, generates a high recognition value.

Why do we buy emotion controlled furniture, home or living products?

Particularly in the home & living sector, where the purchase of furniture and furnishings is often driven by an emotional decision, the establishment of a meaningful connection between the company and the customer is of great value. This relationship can be created and maintained through an appealing visualization of the CI.
If photorealistic CGI (3D) visualizations for furniture manufacturers convey a memorable atmosphere and depict high-quality products with many details, a prospective customer inevitably associates a positive emotion with the visual content. If, on top of that, the corporate culture is reflected in a distinctive way, visual marketing takes off to new heights.

Would you like to learn more about it? Then take a look at our video on the subject:

Photorealistic 3D visualizations by Danthree underline the brand image of a furniture, home or living manufacturer

In the process of creating digital twins for the Home & Living industry, we at Danthree consider all aspects that a photorealistic rendering must encompass in order to push the boundaries of visual marketing as it has been done before.

Photorealistic CGI (3D) content must ...

... depict all the details of a product.
... have the highest quality.
... reflect the character and idea behind the product.

The aim is to give each project a high recognition value. This ensures optimal memorability for the viewer. For this reason, we at Danthree also take a close look at the corporate identity of each partner and carefully incorporate this into the renderings to be created.
Guiding elements, such as a specific color palette or particularly identifying materials, are centralized in the visualizations and brought together in a uniform yet unobtrusive manner.

In addition to photorealistic renderings, we also create engaging videos using CGI. The use of moving images, in which emotions, products and unique selling points are presented sensitively, also strengthens the desired bond with the customer. A CGI video / animation thus represents a thoroughly sensible supplement to photorealistic renderings and helps to integrate the CI into the consciousness of the prospective customer.


Conclusion: How corporate identity influences CGI rendering for furniture, home & living manufacturers

Photorealistic visualization of corporate identity helps to stand out from the competition and present itself as an individual brand. Photorealistic 3D model renderings from us as a CGI - 3D agency help furniture manufacturers, online stores and designers alike to bring the product presentation as a pleasant experience in the minds of the viewers, making them associate the company with positive features.
At Danthree, we place great emphasis on incorporating the individual CI into each rendering and understand the importance of representing the company's values in creating a sense of community.

Memorable, emotional, authentic and real - now with our photorealistic furniture renderings, put your own corporate identity in the best possible light!

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