What is a photorealistic CGI -3D visualization (definition & examples)?

What is a photorealistic CGI -3D visualization (definition & examples)?What is a photorealistic CGI -3D visualization (definition & examples)?

What are photorealistic CGI (3D) renderings or even visualizations?

The umbrella term for renderings or visualizations is CGI and comes from the English language, which means computer generated images. In other words, images that are created on a computer.

So you can imagine that technical drawings or even products such as pieces of furniture are created digitally as a 3D model. The 1:1 creation of a real existing product into a 3D model is also called a digital twin.

This digital twin is then produced as a wireframe model, so to speak, and then photorealistic materials are placed on the 3D model. Every little detail is important to make it look photorealistic. However, interiors can just as easily be created as 3D objects. These must then be created and built like the digital twin.

How can such 3D renderings or even visualizations of interiors or products look like and how are they produced?

At the beginning there is always the photorealistic 3D modeling. This step is an important part in order to have the visualization displayed photorealistically later. Every little detail is taken into account, such as a seam on a chair or wrinkles in a cushion, so that it can be photorealistically represented later. This is especially important if you want to create your visual marketing with CGI. The next step is to assign materials. These digital materials are also called shaders. It is important here that they are represented and adjusted photorealistically, just like in modeling. At Danthree we digitize such surfaces among other things to achieve a perfect CGI (3D) visualization. When all steps are done, the lights and the camera for the individual perspectives still have to be set.

However, it's not quite that simple, because it takes several years of experience and know-how to make such CGI (3D) renderings photorealistic. Another important point is the branding and what the CGI image should express. Who is your target group? Only then can the 3D rendering or visualization play out conversion later to take your visual marketing to the next level.

Can I also use such CGI (3D) renderings for my visual marketing?

Sure you can! Make sure that the CGI (3D) visualizations are photo-realistic and that they are played out correctly and tailored to your target group. Important: CGI is only a tool and it needs more, like for example; understanding for the product and to address your target group correctly to achieve an optimal result.  

What do you need to create a photorealistic CGI (3D) visualization of interiors, exteriors or even products?

Existing product photos or technical drawings are best. The more information you have, the more detailed your product or interior can be visualized in photorealistic 3D.

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