CGI (3D) visualizations - online store for furniture & living (advantages & opportunities)

CGI (3D) visualizations - online store for furniture & living (advantages & opportunities)CGI (3D) visualizations - online store for furniture & living (advantages & opportunities)

If you have an online furniture and home accessories store, you should think about using your visual content with CGI (3D) visualizations. This marketing method has many advantages: You save money and time on the production of your photos, increase the conversion rate by realistic representation of your products and offer your customers more flexibility in choosing their favorite products.

CGI visualizations are especially useful if you offer a wide range of different furniture and home accessories. For example, you can show different colors or shapes of your products in your online store. Thanks to the realistic representation, the chance that customers will buy something they like increases - and that's what we all want!

What is photorealistic CGI (3D) visualization for online stores?

A photorealistic CGI (3D) visual ization is a type of 3D animation where the animated CGI (computer generated image) image is difficult to indistinguishable from a real photograph. Photorealistic rendering photos have long been used in industries such as architecture or interior design to visualize projects before they have even begun.

The art in creating the photorealistic CGI (3D) visualization is that they should be created professionally to have no difference from a real photo. Important. CGI is only a tool and there are some points to be considered, so that your CGI visualization also plays out conversion in your online store - target group definition is only one point what must be considered in advance!

Here you can see some 3D visualizations in action: 

How are CGI (3D) visualizations created for your furniture, home or living online store?

To create a photorealistic rendering, it is important that we first have all the relevant information about your product. This includes, for example, technical drawings or product photos. Based on this information, we can then create a digital twin, i.e. a digital 1:1 replica of your product.

The more information you provide us with, the more accurately we can recreate your product and thus come close to photorealism in the visualization. Once we have all the relevant information, we get down to the nitty-gritty: the visualization. In this step, we'll put the finishing touches on your digital twin and bring it to life with materials and colors - resulting in an absolutely photorealistic rendering!

Want to learn more about this step, check out our YouTube video / In 5 steps to visual marketing with CGI (+examples):

What are the benefits of 3D visualization for your online store?

There are many reasons why a company should use a 3D visualization for an online furniture store. We have listed the main advantages of a 3D rendering, instead of a classic photograph, below.

Cost savings in content creation

Photorealistic 3D content is a better option than traditional product photos because it's easier to spot flaws in the final product early on or to expand the product line. If you want to make changes to a photo, the photographer has to reshoot the product, which adds cost and takes time. However, photorealistic renderings can be easily changed in your style such as colors, patterns, etc.

In addition, the creation of a photorealistic rendering for your furniture, home or living online store can be tested in marketing. This testing (e.g. A/B testing) can ensure that the product resonates with the customer and sells better in your online store. In addition, 3D renderings don't cost nearly as much money and usually only take a few hours to complete the project.

Increase conversion with CGI (3D) visualizations

3D visualizations offer online stores the opportunity to display their products in a variety of interiors without incurring large costs. This is useful for giving potential customers an idea of how the product might look in their own home. This reduces the rate of returns (especially in online stores), which in turn means more profit for the company. So, if you visualize your products in different perspectives and styles, your conversion will also increase. Then your potential customer can look at the furniture, home or living product in different ways.

CGI (3D) visualizations - Booster for your online store

Furniture and home furnishings online stores need to stand out from the competition these days in order to be successful online. An effective strategy for this is to use CGI visualizations or augmented reality, which enable customers to view your product in detail before buying. This not only saves time and money for the company, but also provides a cost-effective way to showcase your items in full.

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