Augmented Reality (AR) for companies & online stores (advantages & opportunities)

Augmented Reality (AR) for companies & online stores (advantages & opportunities)Augmented Reality (AR) for companies & online stores (advantages & opportunities)

Will the sofa even fit in my living room? How would it look if the armrest was on the left instead of the right? Do the colors harmonize with each other at all?

Questions that prospective customers ask themselves all too often when shopping for furniture, whether stationary or virtual. One's own imagination quickly reaches its limits when buying furniture, and in the end shopping is nothing but frustrating. Not infrequently, this ends in nothing being bought at all. Augmented reality in the furniture segment / home & living helps to increase conversion and reduce returns.

How can online shopping be made better and more experiential?

The answer to this question may be augmented reality (AR).

This technology promises a futuristic shopping experience and leaves no question unanswered while shopping.

What is Augmented Reality?

Augmented Reality means something like "extended reality" in German. This technology makes it possible to combine a real existing environment with computer-based models.

Augmented reality is based on 3D models.

These are created by analyzing product images and incorporating 2D technical drawings. This enables a 3D representation of an item that is as true to life as possible.

3D models are created using CGI technology, which is why it is inextricably linked to AR.  

If you want to listen to the article on YouTube, check it out here: Importance Augmented Reality + Conversion Increase?! (Advantages & Opportunities)

What is CGI?

The abbreviation CGI stands for "Computer Generated Imagery". This process generates images that are completely photorealistic. As already mentioned, these serve as the basic building block of augmented reality.

In short: without CGI, no augmented reality.

How can augmented reality work for your client?

The customer only needs a tablet or smartphone to use augmented reality, because the idea is to control the virtual effect using an app.

Customers can simply select the digital product of their choice and place it in their real-life home using an AR app. All the proportions of the surroundings are taken into account, so you can find out within seconds whether the piece of furniture fits and looks good. Whether in online retail or when shopping on site - this possibility of advance planning makes a purchase much less abstract and is also very likely to lead to a successful conclusion of the purchase.

When placing the piece of furniture, not only the position can be changed, but also the piece of furniture itself. If it should be a different color or shape, you can change it within a few moments.

What does Augmented Reality mean for the furniture industry and for Home & Living online stores?

Respectable names in the interior and furniture industry such as Ikea and Wayfair are already using computer-generated visualizations of furnishings in combination with AR.

These companies are constantly striving to have their entire products built as digital 3D models, so that in the future every piece of furniture and furnishings can be selected by the customer within an AR app.

The need for detailed product images generated by computer is growing and traditional photography cannot meet this increasing demand.

CGI in combination with augmented reality therefore represents a real opportunity to win customers in stationary retail and also online.

The customer benefits from an easier purchase decision, more efficient shopping, fun with new exciting technology and reduced risk when it comes to furniture purchases.

For furniture companies, AR technology represents an opportunity to create increased interaction with customers and emotionalize their brand.


Advantages of CGI and AR for the furniture market and home & living sector summarized

- Positively characterized buying experience is ensured.

- Fewer product complaints.

- Both online shopping and on-site shopping are made more attractive overall and attract prospective customers.

- A positive brand image is formed.

- Interaction with customers is increased.

- The own brand is emotionalized.

- The personalization factor is extended.

- The need for content in all variations is met.

- Affordable and fast content creation guaranteed.

- Product marketing faces fewer challenges.

- Classic photography is no longer required.

- Multifaceted use of the digital 3D models possible (flyers, catalogs, brochures, social media, online store).

- Flexible adaptation of the content is also possible at a later date without high effort.

Conclusion of Augmented Reality

Computer-generated images in combination with the increasingly popular AR technology are a real opportunity for furniture companies. Uncertainties on the part of customers that are currently still causing problems can be solved with CGI and AR.

Give your customers the opportunity to place all products from your pool in their own home within the shortest possible time and benefit from increased customer satisfaction and fewer complaints.

At Danthree Studio we understand CGI and 3D models, which are the basis for augmented reality. We will be happy to help you make your vision of new reality a reality. Our team, which consists of experienced designers and CGI artists, will create photorealistic three-dimensional duplicates of your commercial goods in the shortest possible time.

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