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For the furniture industry we build immersive shopping experiences. Publish 3D and augmented reality content to any website, on all platforms with Danthree AR models.

Creative 3D Model

Unique & Creative Model

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What We Do

Photorealistic 3D Models for the
the furniture industry

Production of Photorealistic
3D Models

Based On Images & 2D Technical Drawings. Available in different export formats - .dwg .usdz .dwg .3ds .skp .c4d .max + many more

Augmented Reality 3D Model Furniture Industry E commerce wire model

Photorealistic 3D Models you will love

Augmented Reality 3D Model Furniture Industry E commerce 5Augmented Reality 3D Model Furniture Industry E commerce 4

Why Should You use 3D Models


Flexible presentation options for furniture in different rooms

Cost saving

Digital compilation of the presentation. No costs for set and photographer


Photorealistic presentation of your furniture / products

Photorealistic 3D Models Ready to use in AR

Augmented Reality
AR - Export for Smartphone Devices

Based on the photorealistic 3D Models we create Augmented Reality 3D Models for e-commerce furniture shops. Client who are visiting the online store can download the 3d models and try it at home.

Why Using
AR Models for Ecommerce

Conversion Rate

Decrease returns due to better explanations and product knowledge

Return rates

Decrease your return rates while fitting the products via AR at home


No custom coding is needed. integrated 3D & AR seamlessly within minutes.​

Why Should You Digitize Your Product Range


Use by architects, designers and many more, to plan and present the products in their projects


Make available online for exchange to end customers


Products can be Sold Faster


Three out of five planning offices are using 3D models in their planning / sales

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About Us

Our mission

We have been delivering high-quality 3D models for the furniture industry since the beginning of 2019. We have set ourselves the goal of providing detailed 3D models for furniture manufacturers and online shops.

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