How to set the stage for your product with 3D product visualization and market it optimally

How to set the stage for your product with 3D product visualization and market it optimallyHow to set the stage for your product with 3D product visualization and market it optimally

How to set the stage for your product with 3D product visualization and market it optimally

3D product visualization - what is it?

3D product visualization is the creation of three-dimensional images or videos of a product - this is also called CGI (computer generated imagery). This can be used for the presentation of the product in an online store as well as for the creation of advertising materials such as print, social media TV / video or even for the internal communication of a company. The quality of 3D product visualization depends heavily on the software tools used and the skills of the individual CGI / 3D studio. It is important to mention here that 3D product visualization / CGI is just a tool and it is up to the 3D agency for 3D product visual ization what is made of it, in terms of photorealism of the 3D product visualization, target group definition as well as the emotional appeal in the image. The creation of a 3D visualization is usually more costly than the creation of a 2D visualization. However, it offers the viewer a much more realistic impression of the product. Therefore, 3D product visualization is particularly suitable for furniture, home & living products, where it is important that the customer can get an accurate picture of the product. Another possible application for 3D product visualizations is the representation of movements, e.g. when opening or closing a product. This can be very helpful to show the customer how the product works and what possibilities it offers. In the 3D animation / functional video, you can then show the customer all the important features of the product or create an explainer video from it.

Here you can see some 3D product visualizations in action:

Why is 3D product visualization important for your business?

When you develop and market a product, it is important that your customers get an idea of your product in its different versions and designs. This can be achieved with traditional means such as photos or videos, but this is very time-consuming and expensive at the same time. Therefore, it is advantageous to visualize your product in 3D. This has the advantage that your potential customers get a more realistic idea of your product and can thus better decide for or against a purchase. Through the different designs you increase your conversion, because the customer has several options, which he likes better. In addition, you are more flexible in marketing your products and can adapt them faster and bring them to the market.

In addition, 3D visualization can also be used to develop new ideas for products or to further develop existing products. Because through the representation in 3D, errors can often be recognized more quickly and can be corrected more easily. All in all, 3D product visualization is therefore a very helpful tool for optimally marketing new or existing products.


How to turn your product into a 3D product visualization

In our video you will learn what is needed to optimally stage your product as a 3D visualization.

How do you market your product optimally with the help of 3D product visualization?

1. identify your product and your customers (target group definition)

Before you can start creating 3D visualizations, you first need to figure out what product you want to market and who your target audience is (you can find everything about target audience definition in this article). This is important so that you can create the right images that will appeal to your product and your customers. Another important point is the CI or CD in the 3D visualizations (corporate design or corporate identity). This should also be considered when creating high quality 3D product visualizations to create a coherent product marketing.

2. create a concept for your 3D product visualization

After you have identified your product and your customers, it's time to create a concept for your 3D product visualizations. You should think about which elements you want to show in the images / videos and how you can best stage them. The choice of colors and background is also important. This is done in consultation with the CGI studio or the CGI studio creates you in the best case a mood board or a storyboard in which the factors such as your product, target audience, CI / CD is taken into account.

3. creation of the 3D product visualization

After the concept for your 3D product visualization has been created, the actual creation process begins. You should pay attention to the high quality and aesthetic nature of the CGI images or 3D animations, so that they actually reach your customers and generate conversion.

4. marketing 3D product visualization

After the 3D product visualization is finished, you need to market it, of course. To do this, you can use social media channels, for example, or link to websites and online stores. Depending on the platform on which you want to publish your 3D product visualizations, you should also pay attention to the respective target group of the channels. For example, a younger target group is on the move on Instagram than on Facebook. Therefore, if you play out the 3D product visualizations in a targeted manner, the chance of achieving a high conversion is much higher.

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