Why You Need to Use Photorealistic Renderings for Your Online Furniture Shop

Photorealistic renderings are the future of online furniture shopping. This rendering style is a computer-generated image that looks just like an actual photograph but without all the hassle and cost associated with photography studios or photographers. Using photorealistic renderings for your online furniture store includes advantages like saving money, time, increasing your conversion rate, and allowing flexibility in what you can offer to customers.

Read on to find out more about why this type of design is typically used for all online furniture eCommerce sites!

Client review:


“The photorealistic quality provided looks amazing and really helps our customers visualize the piece in their homes. People can not believe they aren’t real! Even close ups are amazing, you can practically feel the textures of the fabrics!”



Photorealistic Renderings
that Bring Your Products to Life

What Is a Photorealistic Rendering?

A photorealistic rendering is a type of 3D rendering where the final image looks just like an actual photograph. Rendering photographs have long been used in industries like architecture because they provide an accurate representation of what can be created for clients, even allowing them to visualize their project before it has even begun. Other industries that have also benefited from this service include technology, real estate, interior designers, and furniture stores.

For example, if you’ve ever looked through catalogs at well-known stores like IKEA, most of their furniture photographs were actually made with photorealistic rendering and are not real images.


How Are Photorealistic Renderings Created?

There are many different ways to create a photorealistic rendering. In fact, each company will use its own process. However, there are some common steps that have to be integrated into each project, including:

Photorealistic rendering companies require an accurate CAD drawing of the product that is being rendered. This can be created by a professional or provided by a customer as long as it has all necessary measurements included and is scaled to size.

Photorealistic rendering companies need a close-up photograph of the product, which will then be incorporated into the rendering for accuracy’s sake.

Once this information is collected, photorealistic rendering companies will usually provide some graphic design in order to create an aesthetically pleasing background for their final renderings. This could include tree branches, curtains on windows, shiny floors with furniture set against them, etcetera. These assets are typically found online and do not require any customization unless you request something specific. For example, some companies may request that their logo or website banner be integrated into their 3d rendering project.


What Are the Benefits Of Creating A Photorealistic Rendering?

There are tons of reasons why a company may want to use a photorealistic rendering for their online furniture store. We’ve listed the top benefits of choosing a 3D rendering instead of a photographer below.


  1. Photorealistic Renderings Save You Money And Time

Photorealistic renderings are a much better option than photos or photographs because it’s easier to find mistakes in the final product early on instead of paying for pictures to be taken that don’t work well for your branding or company. If you want any adjustments made on a photograph, you’ll have to rehire the photographer to come back out, which will incur additional costs and waste your time. However, Photorealistic renderings are easy to fix and model into your vision.

In addition, creating a photorealistic rendering can test and ensure a design is going to work without the expensive upfront commitment. Additionally, 3D renderings don’t cost nearly as much money and commonly only take a few hours to complete the project.


  1. Photorealistic Renderings Sell The Product

It’s hard to know what a product might look like in various home settings. Unfortunately, most furniture stores do not have the time or money to shoot photographs of all their products in different types of homes. When a company uses photorealistic renderings, they allow customers to get a sense of what it will look like in their own home by seeing the product in a similar home environment.

Photorealistic Renderings help customers envision what the sizing will be of the products in their homes. It’s often difficult for customers to base their decisions based on measurements. Instead, they want to see what it will look like compared to other furniture in the room. Using photorealistic renderings allows customers to see how it would integrate into their home, which increases the number of sales for those items.


  1. Photorealistic Renderings Are Flexible

If you get your design back and you have an issue with the spacing, lighting, or layout shown in photorealistic renderings, it’s easy to make these fixes before they’re published live on your website. In addition, our team is happy to change or make enhancements to your renderings, such as adding furniture, moving around the layout, changing colors, and so on.

Using photorealistic renderings makes it easier for furniture companies to continue to add new items into their stock instead of being stuck with the same old products. It may be challenging to get a photographer out every time you get a new piece of furniture. However, it’s essential to have a photo representation of your products for them to sell.

Thankfully, photorealistic renderings are easy to create and take a short amount of time to produce, making it simpler to support business growth or changing furniture inventories.


  1. Photorealistic Renderings Provides Multiple Options

If you want to provide your guests will multiple options of how to use your furniture, it can quickly be done through photorealistic renderings. 3D renderings are an easy way to see various options and angles that regular photographs wouldn’t be able to catch.

3D Renderings will help give customers the full view of your products before they need to commit to a purchase. When you create renderings in this fashion, it’s similar to having your customers visit a showroom, allowing you to see the best solution for their furniture needs.


  1. Start Your Photorealistic Rendering Project Today

With the vast number of products available online, furniture stores need to find a way to stand out. One effective strategy is to create photorealistic renderings that allow customers to view a product in detail before buying it. This not only saves companies time and money but also provides an inexpensive way to showcase their items without having to go through the pain of photographing each one in a store or home.


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