Creating and selling
the project before

For the real estate company Salvia, we created renderings for the new Buntweberei area in Eislingen – Germany.


Client feedback: Filippo Salvia - Salvia Immobilien

“Thanks to the photorealistic renders by Danthree, we are now able to show and advertise our projects to the public before construction is completed. Significant value has been added to our marketing with Danthree.”

What was the task? –

Creation of photorealistic renderings of the skybar, hotel, co-working space and the exterior area. Danthree also planned a premium fitness studio and created photo-realistic renderings for it.


Which details provide us the client to create photorealistic renderings? –

The customer provides us with floor plans and construction plans for the building and the interior. He also supplies us with some furniture and interior design of what the design will look like later. With all this information, our CGI Artist created the photorealistic exterior & interior renderings.


What are the renderings needed for? –

The photorealistic renderings created by Danthree will later be used for advertising purposes and in hotel room booking portals. This means that advertising and new customer acquisition can begin while the site is being built.


How long did it take to create the renderings? –

It took us about 1 1/2 months to create and modify the photorealistic interior and exterior renderings.


What are the advantages of the renderings in this job? –

The customer can see his project photo-realistically even before the start of construction and, if necessary, make changes to the construction and design without high follow-up costs for changes during construction. The renderings can be used to sell and win customers even before the project is completed.


For whom are such photorealistic renderings suitable? –

We create renderings for real estate companies, architects or interior designers who want to highlight your project photorealistically before or during construction. With these digital and photo-realistic renderings, real estate architecture or interior design projects can be displayed and sold to the customer in an excellent way. The photo-realistic renderings create emotions which are important in sales.


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