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For the textile company KOVI Fabrics in Minneapolis, we made photo-realistic renderings for interior furniture. KOVI Fabrics is a leading international company that designs, produces and processes textiles for the furniture industry.


Client feedback: Gyuri Papp - CEO of KOVI Fabrics

"The renderings provided by the Danthree team helped us launch our new furniture line. The photorealistic quality provided looks amazing and really helps our customers visualize the piece in their homes. People can not believe they aren't real! Even close ups are amazing, you can practically feel the textures of the fabrics! Highly recommended."

What was the task? –

Production of photo-realistic renderings for textiles on pieces of furniture. The textures must be pictured and presented in a photo-realistic manner on the furniture, as customers want to see these fabrics in detail on the pictures / renderings. When creating the textures, it was important that each fabric has its own surface structure and this is then transferred to the rendering later.


What are the renderings needed for? –

The photo-realistic renderings are used in the textile manufacturer’s online shop and presentation. The customer can choose between the individual colors and structure of the textiles and decide what the right fabric will be for his piece of furniture later.


What are the advantages of the renderings in this job? –

The textures can be displayed in a photo-realistic manner without being produced. This saves time and money for the production of the individual textiles and the application to the furniture. Marketing can also create tests to see how the fabrics are received by customers without them being produced. The customer saves a lot of costs when displaying different textures on a piece of furniture. Otherwise the piece of furniture would have to be produced several times in a wide variety of textures. Costs for the production and assembly of the piece of furniture as well as for the location and the photographer are saved in the production of the photo-realistic renderings.


For whom are such photorealistic renderings suitable? – 

For all furniture manufacturers or online shops who need product images quickly, flexibly and inexpensively. At Danthree, with our interior designers and CGI artist, we specialize in photo-realistic renderings for the furniture industry.


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