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Hiring an in-house 3D artist for all photorealistic product rendering is certainly an option but we would not describe it as the best option. In terms of how much you will need them, outsourcing your photorealistic needs to a 3D artist or team of artists is a far better solution.


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If you outsource to a CGI studio, you will often find that you have access to a range of Interior and CGI experts, rather than one solo artist. For example, 3D rendering involves modelling, designing, camera rigging, lighting, shading, and lots more. In a studio / team, there will likely be an expert in each of these areas, ensuring that you get the very best for every step. It also makes more sense cost-wise to outsource rather than paying for a full-time employee. 

Outsourcing also allows the furniture company team to focus on what they do best, designing, manufacturing and selling!

Fortunately for you, we have a dedicated community team of Interior Designer & 3D artists who can produce photorealistic images created with your brand in mind. That means your style, your designs, your background and your logos. We even have interior design experts who provide guidance on how best to upgrade the look of your products within their environment. 

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