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As a leading CGI agency for the furniture and architecture industry we would like to give you a insight of;

How does creating photorealistic images work?


Photorealistic Renderings
that Bring Your Products to Life

The photorealistic image process starts with the collection of specifications, depending on what the item in question is. The client will send over details such as colors, materials, dimensions and more along with a reference background image. The artists can then use this information to build a 3D model, on which they can add software, images and video to create a realistic image. There are three main areas of work for a 3D artist:

Scale/size – Getting the size and scale of the object exactly right when compared to the background is essential when creating a photorealistic image. Using other well-known objects in the background can help with scaling.

Lighting – In order to trick the eye/brain into thinking that they are staring at a real photograph rather than a photorealistic image, lighting is essential. 3D artists use techniques such as physically based rendering, complex caustics handling and unlimited ray bounces in order to achieve this.

Texture – In order to make something look 3D, texture is essential. 3D artists combine texture and light to really make the photorealistic images pop off the page.


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